Randy – Justin’s Dad

Justin has always been gifted athletically. As a child he played many sports and excelled at each one of them. He was the pitcher for his little league baseball team. He played select soccer from the time he was 5 until he was a sophomore in high school. In fact when we lived in Maryland he was on two different select teams, as well as his school team, all at the same time. While in Maryland, he took up skateboarding and built a half-pipe in the field across the street from our house. He played volleyball in Junior High school. Justin was an excellent bowler and swimmer. When we moved back to Texas he went out for the varsity football team, never having played the game before. On the varsity team, he played linebacker, safety and field goal kicker. Following that, he went out for track and went to district in the pole vault. He learned to snow ski when he was about 8 and quickly became an expert as he barreled down the mountain. In college he took up snowboarding. He found his real love at the Air Force Academy when he began to play rugby. For those familiar with rugby, Justin liked to play fly half. After leaving the academy he continued to play rugby in Colorado, Arlington, and Austin.

One of my favorite recollections was when we moved back to Texas we joined Trophy Club Country Club and Justin took up golf. After playing for several months, he made a hole in one. He called me all excited and I thought he was putting me on. Shortly after that he gave up golf and took up tennis. He said golf was too slow. I always felt like he gave it up because he thought it was too easy. The biggest problem Justin ever had was choosing any one sport or activity to devote himself to because he liked them all so much.