Michelle Stacy

To Justin, whom I think of as family, I remember meeting you on the Hobie beach in Dallas – we were both youngsters – even though I was 20 years older. Your mom and dad and I became the best of friends. We spent many weekends camping, sailing and jumping fires. Oh yes, and your dad exhaustingly hippity-hopping every Easter laying Easter eggs in the middle of the night. You played with Tim & Heather (other special people in my life) on the beach and in the water. Most scary, was the day you got bit by a dog as you splashed in the water. You had numerous painful surgeries on your face and had to invent stories so kids would not be too cruel to you each time you changed schools. I do not even notice your scars anymore. They are a part of you, which has grown into a handsome, self assured man.

You were less than a block from work at the twin towers when they came down. I wonder if the trauma of running for your life had anything to do with your muscle deterioration. I am truly sorry God choose this path for you. But since he has, I know you will make the most of life, as you always have. I hope to share many more adventures with you in this life and others.

See you in San Deigo, Love, Michelle.