Don & Sue Teague

We have lots of stories about Justin but Im not for sure he would want us to tell some of them! Don & I have known Justin since he was about 14 so we have seen him mature from a boy to a man and he has the same wonderful smile now as he did then. He just lights up a room when entering. He has always made everyone around him feel comfortable and you just had to smile and laugh with him. When Justin was playing sports in high school and there was trouble on the field or someone was hurt – well, you just knew Justin was involved somehow – whether he was creating the “disturbance” or was the one hurt – you just never knew.

Justin always gave it his all for his teammates and was liked by all of them. He was a “fighter” then as he is now. Weve been very fortunate to know Justin all these years and he has given us lots of laughs. There isnt a day that goes by that we dont think of you, Justin, and say a prayer for you. You are one of the most courageous men we know. We are so happy you have such a loving and caring wife and family. God Bless.