Calling all Springbok fans!!!

Our Justin recently recieved a signed ball from our favorite rugby team, the South African Springboks. What a treat and so extremely nice of them. A special thank you to our new friend Magda for the arrangements. Justin was totally surprised to get the ball and the note from coach White.

He wrote a special thank you note to the team, and I have included a quote from him below:

“Leave everything you have on field and play every minute like it’s your last because when you’re done playing you won’t remember the tries, the goals or championships. You will think about the missed opportunities, the missed tackles or the occasions when you didn’t give your all.” Thank you Springboks. Go Bokke! We are keeping an eye on your upcoming games and wishing you all the best!

Springboks SA Rubgy:


Greg Stoll Suffers Cardiac Arrest

Our condolences go out to our good friend and fellow Team Justin member, Greg Stoll. At only 26 years of age, Greg collapsed in cardiac arrest at the finish line of the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon. Greg has made a speedy recovery. His family is keeping everyone up to date on the carinbridge website. You can even sign a guest book to let him know you care.

There are some news articles explaining what happened.

We wish you the best Greg!


Alien from a Dentist Chair

Imagine you’ve been given an assignment to explain to an English-speaking alien how to change a flat tire. He knows nothing about automobiles, so it will require that you give him very detailed instructions. You’ll probably want to give him some background information about using the jack or removing lugnuts, or maybe demonstrate with a few hand gestures. Set that assignment aside for a second.

Now imagine you are sitting in a dentist chair for your 3:00 appointment. Your mouth is shot up with an extra-heavy dose of Novocain. Nobody can understand anything you’re saying. You’ve got drool running down your face from the Novocain. To make matters worse, they’ve placed a giant, 150 lb lead blanket over your entire body and you can’t get off the chair or move your arms or legs.

Remember the English-speaking alien? Try explaining things now from the dentist chair. I think you get the picture!

This is how my dad described living with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). I hope and pray that Team Justin is able to raise a lot of money and awareness for this horrible disease. I commend you for spearheading this effort.