Kelley Buck

A funny moment to share about Justin…last time I was in Austin, Texas with Justin, we were waiting for a handicap taxi in downtown Austin at 2:30AM. He was in his wheelchair. Of course, the taxis with thewheelchair accessibility were few and far between. Justin offered forall of us to take a ride home on his wheelchair (I think there were over10 of us). Then as we were waiting around for the taxis, Justin starteddriving down the street in his wheelchair. He was cracking jokes abouthow he was going to drive home in his wheelchair.

Justin is Justin andhis humor has not been impaired. He made us all laugh and feel more atease with his unique sense of humor. He has not let ALS damper his sense of humor. I look forward to many more wacky evenings with Justin Whithead I just hope I get to ride shotgun next time.

Love, Kelley Buck