I have tons to say about Justin! For starters…thank you…for so many things including many of you all! I was new to Austin when I met Justin at FADOs 😉 Juddy became a good friend to me…sort of took me under his wing…showed me the way of Austin (FADO…Touché…Hula Hut…Carlos and Charlies;). He also introduced me to many amazing people…whom are now some of my dearest friends in this crazy, wonderful world.

Here are some highlights of a few of the best memories I have…Fado…OUR CORNER AT FADO…THE DECK AT FADO. If you were there during that time you remember how magical it was…remember people taking pictures of us “because we were having so much fun”…imagine having to take pictures of people having fun! Also, that ledge that we used to dance on…oh the corner! Of course it was all who visited the corner that made it so amazing…if youwere there, Justin certainly wanted to make sure you enjoyed it…I remember seeing tabs so high they were worthy of framing or at least posting on the fridge! Also, I remember Lukenbach, Texas for Willies Picnic and drinking Lonestar off cowboy hats…rugby boat party (or getting left behind at Carlos and Charlies, which was not so bad either)…Dallas…etc. Did I mention our corner at FADO? Justin, thank you for your friendship, for all the wonderful friends you shared with me, for the light you bring to any room you are in and for your sincere and loving big heart!

Love, Amanda